Transfer Deed


     THIS DEED OF TRANSFER made on this ___________day of __________20   ______ By Mr. ____________________________, Secretary, __________________________ _____________________________________________, hereinafter called the Transferor: IN FAVOUR OF The Quetta Development Authority, hereinafter called the “Transferee” (including the area increased due to addition of village revenue paths, water courses and village boundary, if any). WHEREAS the Transferor is absolute owner with possession of land measuring _________Acres ________bearing Khasra Nos._________________ in___________________ Tehsil and District Quetta. AND WHEREAS the Development Authority has approved the layout of ________________________________ on the land. As per annexed Map. NOW THEREFORE, this deed witnesses as follows:

    1. That the transferor hereby warrants that he is the absolute Owner of the Property and no person whatsoever has any charge, encumbrance, lien or mortgage over the property and same is free there from.
    2. That in consideration of Public Welfare, the transferors herby transfer to the Transferee free of charge all its rights, interests, easements, appurtenant hereto in the Property and to hold the same to the transferee as absolute and lawful owner.
    3. That the transferor further agrees that all times hereinafter, upon the request and at the expenses of the Transferee, to executed or cause to be executed all such lawful deeds, acts and things whatever for better and more perfectly conveying and assuring the “Property” for the Transferee, its heirs, executors, administrators, assigns as shall be reasonably required by the Transferee and placing it in its passion or the same according to the true interests and meaning of this agreement.
    4. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Transferor has been signed the deed.




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