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    Directorate of Town Planning,

    Quetta Development Authority

    No: Dated







    SUBJECT: APPROVAL OF SCHEME /LAYOUT PLAN (name and location of scheme)

    The scheme plan submitted by you for an area measuring___________ Acres in Kasra No.______________ Mouza/s________________________ in Tehsil__________ and District_____________ has been approved by Quetta Development Authority) This approval of the scheme is subject to the following conditions:

    1. No change in land use of plots will be allowed at later stage in violation of any prevailing Laws for the time being enforce.
    2. The approval of designs of services such as water supply, sewerage and drainage systems and of roads shall be obtained from this Authority.
    3. The approval of design of electrification and street lights shall be obtained from this Authority.
    4. The development works in the scheme shall be completed in accordance with the approved designs and specifications.
    5. All development works shall be completed within a period of three years from the date of issue of this letter.
    6. Construction of buildings shall be undertaken after approval of building plans in accordance with prevailing Building and Zoning Regulations/Bye-Laws.
    7. Proportionate cost for the provision of trunk services on proportionate area basis shall be paid by the plot owners as and when demanded by this Authority.
    8. Provision of horticulture and landscaping of the scheme area will be done as per approved plans.
    9. The operation and maintenance of the schemes after completion of development works shall be responsibility of the plot owner’s association for certain time period then after the terms and conditions decide by this Authority. Quetta Development Authority Town planning Regulations 1995 amended 2007 Address: Quetta Development Authority Head Office Main Sariab Road , Quetta Tell: +92-911072 Fax: +92-911072URL:

    In case of any litigation or objection regarding the land ownership, you will be responsible for the same and Quetta Development Authority shall not be a party in this issue. You will be responsible to settle any dispute about ownership of land if arises at any stage.

    1. The plot owners shall pay any betterment charges as and when levied by this Authority.
    2. In case of any complaint from the plot owners you or plot owner’s association shall be responsible to settle the issue this Authority ensure / protect the legal interest of general public.
    3. You will display a copy of approved scheme plan, a copy of approval letter and a list of mortgaged plots in your office.
    4. You will abide by the terms and conditions of the Transfer Deed and Mortgage Deed/Performance Agreements.
    5. No revision in layout plan and design specification etc. to be done without the approval of this Authority.
    6. You will make arrangements to hand over the possession of the areas to Quetta Development Authority) as per Transfer Deed.
    7. You shall get the approved scheme transferred in revenue record within six months after the approval of the scheme.
    8. The advertisement and publicity material shall include:
    9. Total area and location;
    10. Total number of residential and commercial plots of various sizes;
    11. Detail of mortgaged plots. d). Period for completion of development works.
    12. Method of allocation of plot numbers.
    13. Sale or commitment of plots over and above the total number of plots provided in the approved scheme is not allowed.
    14. Sale or commitment of mortgaged plots is not allowed before their redemption.
    15. Full contents of this letter shall be given in the publicity brochure prepared for the sale of plots.
    16. You will take up the case regarding the proposed acquisition of land if any with the concerned authority; The Plan approving authority has nothing to do with it.
    17. You shall include all the general terms and conditions under these Rules in your application forms.






            Director Town Planning

    Quetta Development Authority

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    1. Chief Engineer, QDA
    2. Director Land management, QDA
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