Mission Statement



    The Quetta Development Authority was established to cater the multi dimensional needs of the Capital and the only urban center of Balochistan. The primary mission of QDA was to provide housing requirements, organized planning, master planning, major improvements, decongestion of the valley and environment protection. Control over land use and expansion of the City according to the integrated Master Plan. QDA had played vital role to give urban concept and is only and pioneer organization for development of Quetta city. QDA decongested the City by shifting unorganized land uses, such as shifting of bus and truck stands from down Town area to Sirki Road and subsequently to Hazarganji. Opening up city expansion by constructing By-passes which has also played very positive effects on decongestion of the City. QDA has planned and executed lot of projects for general and major improvement of Quetta and also prepared a master plan to give right and planned growth of the City.




    Quetta Master Plan


    Keeping in view the rapid and unplanned growth of Quetta City, Quetta Development Authority under took the preparation of Quetta Master Plan through NESPAK in 1985, on the direction of Government of Balochistan for Quetta City to guide its present as well as future growth in scientific and planned manner. The Project is divided into the following three components: i. Urban Planning ii. Project Preparation iii. Action Studies Urban Planning: In the Urban planning context, future growth, form and direction of the City has been visualized up to the year 2008. Major zoning and land uses have been identified and recommendations made for housing, education, medical care and public utilities etc. Action Studies: In the action studies, recommendations have been made for beautification of Chaman Road, Zarghoon Road and Sariab Road and detailed plans have been prepared. Outdated building bylaws and zoning regulations have also been revised. Quetta being within the seismic zone, a study was conducted to identify high risk and very high risk zones so that different types of buildings could be planned and designed accordingly. Included in the study are recommendations to enforce seismic code through legislation to minimize the loss of human life and property. Recommendations have also been made for strengthening the functions of QDA through necessary amendments in the current Ordinance. It is the fervent desire of the Government of Balochistan to implement the recommended projects so that Quetta could be restored to its original character and transform into a physically more comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing City.

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